Several Details of Choosing Coated Paper for PrintingUpdate:16 Jun 2021

What is coated paper? Many people may be very confused when they hear the term coated paper. What is coated paper? Actually, coated paper can be seen everywhere. There is a 99% chance that the paper you are using is coated paper. Coated paper has a wide range of applications. Commonly used in printing, packaging, inkjet and so on. The demand for printing with coated paper is relatively large, but the more commonly used it is, the easier it is to overlook the details. The editor today announced several printing details that no one knows, and these details directly affect the printing cost, Beautiful.

What is coated paper?

Coated paper is a high-quality printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. It is divided into three categories: double-coated paper, single-coated paper and matte paper. It is the most commonly used coated paper business card in the printing industry.

Both double bond paper and single bond paper are coated and calendered paper. The paper surface is smooth and smooth, with high smoothness and good gloss, so it appears pleasing white on the paper surface. This kind of paper has high color reproduction, bright gloss, uniform coating, fast ink absorption, good printability, and strong three-dimensional effect. Even using ordinary printing inks, it can also produce good printing effects; matte powder The surface of the paper is smooth and delicate, and the gloss after printing is good. Although the patterns printed with it are not brightly colored, but the patterns are more delicate than the coated paper, showing a noble and elegant texture and taste.

Coated paper is mainly used for printing business cards, ordinary leaflets, folding pages, picture albums, covers of advanced books and periodicals, illustrations, color pictures, various exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging, and so on.

Master a few tips on using coated paper and be an experienced printing person.

Coated paper is one of the papers with extremely high demand for printing. It can be used to produce a lot of printed matter, but because it is commonly used in printing, some details are easy to be overlooked. When choosing paper, many people will ask, is this paper the kind used in real estate? That kind of paper looks very low-grade. In fact, 80% of the leaflets are printed on coated paper, but these customers neglected some details when printing, resulting in a low-cost and unsightly impression of the paper effect printed on coated paper. So how can we pay attention to these details, achieve the effect of reducing printing costs and improving the aesthetics of printed products.

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