Similarities And Differences Between Thermo Leather And Rubbed LeatherUpdate:03 Aug 2021

Today we will briefly introduce the similarities and differences between discoloration leather and rubbing leather:

1. Similarities:

The surface color of the discolored leather and the finished leather of the rubbed discolored leather can be changed.

2. Differences:

The color of the surface of the discolored leather needs to be changed through multiple strong dry rubs, and it changes wherever it is rubbed. The surface color is wiped off more, the background color is exposed much, the surface color is wiped off less, and the background color is exposed less. Therefore, the degree of discoloration and the size of the area are determined by the situation of wiping. There is no clear range limit, and there is no rule of depth, and Once the color of the surface is wiped off, although you can continue to wipe other parts to change the color, the wiped part cannot be restored to its original color.

The discoloration of discoloration leather does not need to be wiped, as long as it is stretched hard to change the color, when the tensioned leather is removed and the color is retracted, the color will return to the original color.

That is to say, the color of discoloration leather can be changed back and forth, and it can be changed repeatedly. Rubbing the discoloration leather can't be restored if it is changed, it can only be changed once.

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