Strips Hardcover Notebook is More Convenient to Carry OutUpdate:17 Aug 2021

The straps of strips hardcover notebooks are made of elastic bands. The material can be recommended according to the price acceptable to customers. It is mainly used to bundle books, notebooks, and photo albums. It is more convenient to carry out when using straps.

The notebook strap solves a major problem of the inconvenience to carry the pen when you go out. It connects the pen and the notebook together, which is fashionable and beautiful, and is popular with domestic and foreign customers.

Recommended reason: The design of the notepad has a more high-end appearance. This notebook has a simple design, a comfortable feel, abrasion resistance and durability, and a simple faux leather cover. Rich internal page design to meet different needs.

Look at the details of the notebook-related specifications in detail, you can understand in more detail whether it meets your aura.

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