The Commonly Used Bronzing Process for Notebook PrintingUpdate:26 May 2021

Hot stamping is a special printing process that does not use ink. The so-called hot stamping refers to the process of hot stamping the electrochemical aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. The graphics and texts printed by anodized aluminum present a strong metallic luster, bright and eye-catching, and never fade. In particular, the gold and silver electrochemical aluminum, with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decoration, embellishes the surface of the brochure, enhances the artistry of the printed matter, and has the effect of highlighting the theme; its brightness greatly exceeds that of printed gold and silver, making the printed matter It has a high-end feeling and a beautiful enjoyment.

Hot stamping is a dry processing method, and the workpiece can be packaged and transported immediately after hot stamping. Therefore, hot stamping technology is currently widely used in pre-press technology, and the scope of application of hot stamping is still expanding.

Since the quality of the electrochemical aluminum foil, specifications, models, etc. will affect the quality of hot stamping, the scientific and reasonable selection of electrochemical aluminum foil is a prerequisite for improving the quality of the hot stamping process. If you want to choose anodized aluminum foil correctly, you must first understand its composition and hot stamping mechanism.

In the brochure printing process, the cover design is the most important. The album cover is equivalent to the company's face and corporate image. In order to better improve the printing effect of publicity albums, the bronzing process is very important for the overall image of the cover.

Hot stamping can make the cover of the brochure show luxurious and magnificent, and at the same time, it can better improve the corporate image. The perfect bronzing effect mainly depends on the level of coordination of temperature, pressure and bronzing speed.

Therefore, if you want to control the bronzing quality, you should master a reasonable bronzing temperature, bronzing pressure and bronzing speed. Only by creating good conditions for bronzing can the quality of bronzing be guaranteed.


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