The Development Trend of Customized Hardcover NotebooksUpdate:11 Nov 2020

With the development of my country's notebook customization industry, the customized hardcover notebook industry has matured day by day. While expanding the scale, the technical level has also been greatly improved. However, compared with Europe, America, Japan and other countries, there is also a certain gap in manufacturing technology, process design, product development, etc. However, from the development trend of business notebooks in recent years, we can see that the development trend of business notebooks has risen overall. The development trend mainly changes to the following aspects.

Multifunctionalization of the notebook:

Different from the development of a single business notebook function in the past, in recent years, in order to attract consumers' attention. Business notebooks are becoming more and more high-end in design. Among office supplies, the most functional and effective combination is undoubtedly. They break the product image agreed upon by traditional notebooks and are free, flexible, and changeable. It has the characteristics of one product and multiple uses.

The notebook is simple and practical:

Concise and generous is that the theme will never go out of style, and the same is true in the design of business notebook products. Relatively speaking, European and American countries favor product simplicity more than Asian countries. Therefore, it can be seen that export business notebooks are too simple compared to domestic business notebooks.

Notebooks are gradually becoming premium:

Compared with the previous practicality, cash business notebooks also pay attention to high-end, which also stems from the interest of some collectors. Since ancient times, cultural goods have been used as gifts between literati and ink guests, and valuable cultural goods are even more important. Favored by collectors, whether as a gift or as a collection, it is valuable, so business notebooks have also embarked on a tall route.

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