The Difference Between Discoloration PU and Ordinary PU?Update:23 Dec 2020

Leather products can be divided into two categories: real leather and artificial leather.

Let me introduce the leather first. The leather mainly includes cowhide, pigskin and suede according to the animal species. Leather refers to natural leather, processed from animal skins. Because of its relatively high price, high loss, and cruelty, more and more environmentalists have protested against the boycott of leather products, which cannot be widely used.

The cover of high-end thermo PU leather notebook is made of first layer cowhide. What do we often mean by Niutou Tier and Niu Second Tier? In leather processing, thicker animal skins need to be split into several layers by a splitting machine to obtain leather of uniform thickness and obtain more leather. The side of animal skins that grows hair is the first layer of leather, also called grain leather; the layers of leather below the first layer of leather are called two-layer leather, three-layer leather, and four-layer leather. The first layer is generally the most expensive and the best. The Crazy Horse skin that is often heard in the market is the better top layer cowhide.

The following introduces artificial leather, which is mainly divided into two categories: PVC and PU. PVC materials used in notebook production are generally low-end products. The cover leather is harder and feels not as good as PU and leather. However, it is widely used because of the cheaper material.

PU leather is the most common leather material for notebook covers, mainly divided into discoloration PU and ordinary PU. The biggest advantage of color-changing PU is that the leather will have a gradual color effect when it is stressed and heated, which highlights the color of the substrate. It is used for embossing logos and graphics to produce good visual effects, so it is loved by major companies.

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