The Origin of The Name of Coated PaperUpdate:24 Aug 2021

Coated paper is the mainland's name, Hong Kong calls it powder paper, and it is one of the most used papers in the printing industry. In Hong Kong, this paper name is almost well-known. But not many people know about it in the Mainland, why? Gein lacks communication with each other.

The original English name of pink paper is Art Paper, which is an exotic common name. This paper is a kind of coated paper first developed by the British in the middle of the 19th century. The white and fine china clay is mixed into paint and evenly brushed on the surface of the base paper (painted on one side or both sides) to make a high-quality printing paper. Since the process is like applying powder to the face of a woman, it is called powder paper.

In fact, Art Paper was translated into fine art paper (literal translation) in the 1930s in China. Because when this paper was used to print exquisite famous paintings in Europe, the printing plates were corroded by copperplates. Therefore, according to the convention of naming purposes, the art paper used for copperplate printing is called copperplate (printing) paper. Colleagues in the printing and paper industry in mainland China call Art Paper art paper instead of pink paper.

By the way, the translation of coated paper into Copper Plate Paper or Enameled Paper in some books and periodicals is not accurate enough. The former is mistaken for paper-like copper plate, which should be translated into four-plate paper, and the latter should be satin paper (called Liguang paper in Taiwan).

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