The Principle And Use of Thermo PU LeatherUpdate:04 Mar 2022

Discoloration principle and use of reversible thermo PU leather:

Thermochromic leather is a type of leather that changes color repeatedly as the temperature rises or falls. Commonly used discoloration temperature is 28, 31, 33 degrees Celsius, commonly known as touch discoloration, feel discoloration.

At present, there are PU/PVC temperature-sensitive color-changing leather. The color-changing leather is a kind of high-grade leather made by a special process. The designed pattern or text can change the temperature and color according to the needs, through the coating, where it comes into contact with the plate, "color-changing leather" "It changed color.

The leather pattern after discoloration is noble and dignified, suitable for the cover of high-end hardcover books, the cover of high-end menu, the cover of high-end notebooks, the surface mounted paper of high-end gift boxes, high-end leather bags, luggage, office stationery, mobile phone cases, etc.

Color and temperature of leather with color change without color temperature change:

The discoloration temperatures currently produced are: 18°C, 22°C, 28°C, 31°C, 33°C, 45°C, 50°C, 65°C, and other discoloration temperatures need to be customized. The reversible thermochromic leather produced by our company has the following 18 basic colors in the color development state (colored at low temperature, colorless at high temperature).

In addition to the 18 basic colors, other colors can also be configured according to customer requirements. Color-changing leather: such as: rose red to green, black to green, black to yellow, orange to yellow, green to yellow, purple to blue, purple to red, red to yellow, blue to yellow, purple to red Light blue, purple blue to light red, brown to red and so on.

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