The Role of The Discoloration Layer is to Produce A Discoloration EffectUpdate:31 Dec 2021

Pull-up leather is also called pull-up leather.

After this kind of leather is subjected to external tension (pulling, topping, bending), the color of the leather surface becomes lighter, and the color is restored after the external force is removed. It is called pull-up effect abroad, and it is called discoloration leather in China. Or oil-soaked discolored leather.

is a kind of lightly emulsified mineral oil and polymer synthetic material, which has strong diffusion and diffusion recovery properties (Prapu oil) filled into the leather.

According to the information, the coating of this kind of leather has a certain degree of transparency when it is finished with aniline. When the leather is subjected to external tension (stretching, elongating, bending), it forces the small molecule Prapu oil to follow the direction of the force. The fiber weaving configuration quickly migrates, the fiber bundle loses oil, and the color of the leather surface becomes lighter, while the fiber bundle near the unexposed area becomes darker due to oil filling, showing a contrasting color difference. After the external force was relieved, the squeezed oil quickly moved back to its original place, and the leather surface returned to a uniform tone.

The color-changing leather feels plump, flexible, and waterproof. Mostly used to make shoe uppers.

High-grade polyurethane (PU) discoloration leather is a new product from time to time, which has attracted many consumers with its natural and noble style. But PU discoloration leather is made of special resin, and the craftsmanship is also quite special. PU color-changing leather is composed of surface layer, color-changing layer, bonding layer and base fabric. The function of the surface layer is to protect the discoloration layer and ensure the effect of the discoloration layer even if the leather product has excellent feel and abrasion resistance. Only after undergoing stress and deformation such as stretching and jacking, the discoloration layer in the PU leather is relatively displaced, changing the color of the leather.

The role of the discoloration layer is to produce a discoloration effect, and it is the core layer of the discoloration leather. According to the color matching process, it can be divided into two types: added colorant and non-added colorant. The main function of the adhesive layer is the same as that of ordinary PU leather. The base cloth is the skeleton of the color-changing leather.

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