Thermo Notebook with Gold Stamping has Good Artistic PerformanceUpdate:24 Mar 2021

As the habit of personalized customization penetrates into all aspects of work and life, more and more manufacturers and suppliers support personalized customization services, whether it is business notebooks or personal notebooks. The most customized one is the customization of LOGO, whether it is a notepad for giving away at an event or a notepad customized by a company or school, it is always necessary to add your own LOGO. According to the different materials of the cover, the following craftsmanship of custom notebook printing LOGO is provided for you to choose from.

The process of notebook printing LOGO: [Foil stamping/silver] Hot stamping gold and silver LOGO on the surface of the cover or cover. Gold stamping/silver not only refers to these two colors, but there are more colors to choose from, depending on the material of the cover. Make a reasonable choice to match the shape and color.

The process of notebook printing LOGO: [imprinting/branding] This process is generally used when printing LOGO on the cover of the color-changing PU notebook, which has a natural dark color.

The process of notebook printing LOGO: [screen printing] This printing method is less used when printing LOGO in notepads, and occasionally a small part of it is used. However, by screen printing LOGO, colorful LOGO patterns can be expressed.

The craftsmanship of notebook printing LOGO: [Embroidery] It is used more on the notepad of the fabric cover, which looks high-end and exquisite. Notepads with leather covers are not recommended.

The process of notebook printing LOGO: [Metal Label] Embed the metal logo made of LOGO on the surface of the leather material to make the notepad look more high-end.

Notebook printing LOGO technology: [UV printing] has a good artistic performance, the use of UV printing LOGO can further enhance the initial image of the company.

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