Thermo PU Leather Notebook -Application Features Of Color-Change PUUpdate:19 Feb 2020

What is the color-changing PU in custom notebook fabrics? Color-changing PU is also known as pull-up leather, and its English name is pull-up leather. It is a type called Pulap oil injected into leather, because Pulap oil's diffusion and diffusion recovery make the leather produce a gradual effect when it is stressed, so it is called color-changing PU.



What are the characteristics of the color-changing PU: The surface layer of the color-changing PU has a certain degree of transparency. After receiving the external force stretching, the injected Prapu oil is transferred by force. The use of the stressed leather loses its oiliness and the color gradually becomes light , And because the magnitude of the force is different in the vicinity, the degree of loss of oiliness is different, forming a color difference.


The color-changing PU has good water resistance, toughness, and water resistance. Generally used in making shoe uppers and custom notebooks. I believe that it is clearer for the shoe uppers, so there is not much description. Here, the color-changing PU notebook. Because its force can form the characteristic of color difference, embossing the LOGO on the notebook becomes a fashion. It is also popular among companies because of its abrasion resistance and waterproof characteristics.



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