Thermo PU Leather Notebook -Design Details Of Faux Leather NotebookUpdate:08 Apr 2020

The cover materials of imitation leather notepad are commonly imitation leather PU, leather, PP, fabric, felt, metal and so on. According to the binding method, imitation leather notepad can be divided into loose-leaf notepad, paperback notepad, coil book, tri-fold notepad and so on. According to usage, imitation leather notepad can be divided into gift notepad, business notepad, office notepad, corporate notepad, etc.

(I) Material
Material refers to the combination of the quality, texture and variety of leather goods. It is one of the elements of leather product design. Leather is the main material of leather products. It includes genuine leather, recycled leather and artificial leather. Each material has its different characteristics and strength, which directly affects the process effect and the technical treatment method of parts and Durability. In this industry, a variety of textile materials coupled with leather are manufactured using leather products, also known as leather products.
 (2) Shape
 The shape actually refers to a relatively stable body. It is believed that whether the appearance of the geometric body is attractive depends on the shape of the front of the body, but for the designer, the shape of the side, top and bottom have a very important role, and each face itself affects each other The designer needs to be carefully combined in order to make each shape beautiful, generous or give people a sense of deviance.
  Bags and handbags have traditional rectangles, squares, trapezoids, circles, semi-circles, hexagons, etc., as well as new-generation beauty waist shapes, gourd shapes, and various round and square shapes that are not traditional Variation shape. Humans have followed the cultural traditions of thousands of years, and they often have a preference for traditional forms, and many modern men and women in the new era prefer some "broken" shapes.

 (3) Structure

 The structure refers to the organic combination of the external and internal parts of a leather-like notepad product through various methods. Here, it refers to various structures with one or more items of equipment produced by different processes such as bags, handbags, and wallets. It reflects the technological characteristics of a product, but also reflects the function and performance of a product. For each structure, both practical and decorative design methods can be used.
Practical structure refers to the inserting bag or attached bag outside the main bag, the internal compartment or some special assembly; the decorative structure is only for the needs of the design itself, and is not practical.

 (4) Accessories
  Accessories often play the finishing touch in the design and production of imitation leather notebooks, which is one of the most important contents in leather design. Accessories include practical accessories and decorative accessories. Their main materials are alloy, pure copper, steel, plastic, wood, leather, etc., which are applied in electroplating, color spraying, sanding, grinding, laser (ie laser), engraving, branding and other processes To make.
Practical accessories refer to those with practical functions and performance, whose shapes and patterns can make people imagine their parts, including handles of various materials, switch locks, zipper cards, foot nails, pull rods, pulleys, etc.
Decorative hardware refers to the expression of various styles and creativity, which are purely decorative parts that are only ornamental but not practical, and can also be made of various materials.
 More and more designers have engraved, silk-screened or laser branded logos on practical accessories, thus replacing simple logo hardware and integrating the logos on practical accessories to create a new atmosphere and new effect of combining two to reflect one. Kind of brand awareness.

(5) Craft
 Process refers to various processes, production methods and production techniques in the production of leather goods, and is an important link reflecting the quality and grade of a leather-like notepad. It mainly includes material selection and cutting technology; shovel thickness, width, slope and other technologies and data; needle shape, needle size, stitch distance, margin, number of thread strands, thread color, thread quality and Technology and data of open seam, dark seam and semi-open seam; selection and processing technology and data of auxiliary materials; assembly process, hemming, hemming, oil edge, glue, laminating technology and data; branding, silk screen, car Decoration technology, data such as decorative thread, computer embroidery, punching, stringing, beading, nailing, etc.
(6) Color
 There are countless colors in nature, but for the leather goods industry, black, brown and red are the most classic three colors. It is only after artists have vigorously rendered their masterpieces that the imitation leather notepad industry noticed this problem. By the 8th of the 20th century, more and more urban people liked the colors of nature. With the development of technology, these colors have been widely used in all walks of life. In 1997, the colorful design became popular all over the world. Since then, the color change has become more and more intense, and it has become unstoppable. Not only are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple debut, but also their edge and mixed colors. Thousands of changes also shine. In recent years, many fascinating colors such as metallic colors, pearl colors, fluorescent metallic mixed colors, two-color, five-color and various antique color accounts have appeared.
 (7) Texture
 The texture includes the pattern and artificial texture of the material itself. Early imitation leather notepads were mostly the grain effect of real leather (called needle pattern), as well as the texture of textile materials and various patterns printed on the cloth; in modern times, many real or fake animals or plants have appeared Texture; modern is based on the previous, applying more textures in natural things and designing various geometric textures, space-time patterns and other creative textures.
(8) Line
 Lines are the geometric elements that make up various faces and bodies. Each line will give people different feelings and "provoke" countless "right and wrong" straight lines. The straight line gives a sense of integrity, firmness, openness, calmness, and unity; the vertical line gives a sense of seriousness, uprightness, and support; the curve gives a soft, relaxed, and free feeling; the wavy line gives a smooth, ups and downs; The snail curve gives people the feeling of gradually shrinking or stretching; the arc gives people a feeling of fullness, fullness or thinness; the diagonal gives people the feeling of being overwhelmed and oppressed; the broken line gives people the feeling of being hard, moving back and suddenly.
(9) Proportion
In the imitation leather notepad industry, each type of product has a relatively stable size range of body, accessories and component specifications, showing different proportions. Of course, we do not rule out the deliberate destruction of proportions in a certain popular stage to highlight the exaggerated effect.
The texture, color and texture of the materials, as well as the accessories and craftsmanship of the products, are the most important elements for the design and development of leather goods. As for how designers can effectively grasp the various elements in order to construct a creative and valuable style, it requires designers to first grasp the different popular conditions in different years and different markets, and find out the answer. Designers should not only fully understand the history of leather design as a source of inspiration; they must also base themselves on the market and pay attention to the development trends of all walks of life in society, changes in the way of life and consumption concepts of the public. Only in this way can designers continue to innovate and design products that the market needs.


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