These Little Tricks of Strips Hardcover NotebookUpdate:24 Jun 2022

1. How can the notebook not be scattered?

I believe you all know that the common binding methods of notebooks are wired, glued, saddle stitching, and coil notebooks. However, thread-bound, plastic-bound, and saddle-stitched books are more prone to loose pages and cannot be folded 360 degrees. In contrast, the coil book is firm and does not fall off the page, and can easily be flattened 180 degrees + folded 360 degrees.

2. How can I completely tear off the inner pages of the notebook?

Have you ever had such an experience? "During class, I am most afraid of the sudden silence of the air, and I am most afraid of the teacher's sudden dictation..." So I hurriedly tore the bumpy inner pages from the notebook. When dictating, I left a blank space on the left side of the inner page, and then used a ruler after dictation. Compared with tearing up the bumpy paper (and often it will be torn/untidy), Xiao F will often be troubled by this when he goes to school, until later I found a notebook with a tear line! It is simply the gospel of our obsessive-compulsive disorder! It's so easy to use and couldn't be more useful!

3. What should I do if the dictation note/note paper clip always falls out of the notebook?

Continuing the previous post, where should the dictation post be placed after it is posted? It will fall out when it is directly clamped in a book or a book, and it is easy to lose; if it is clamped on the book with a clip, the book cannot be closed; if it is clamped together with a clip, it is inconvenient to find a single silent note/note paper... At this time, you need to Get a notebook with a storage bag! The coil book has a front double storage bag / built-in storage bag, which is convenient for storing small items such as notes and cards.

4. What should I do if the notebook "explodes"?

Many small partners will print out the questions when sorting out the wrong questions and paste them directly on the wrong question book; or clip some study materials/test papers in the notebook for easy review. After a lot of collage/collection, you will inevitably encounter the problem of "explosion". What should I do? An elastic band may be able to solve your problem! Some dual-coil notebooks also have elastic straps - high-quality elastic straps have been stretch tested 1000+ times, which can effectively protect the inner pages from unraveling, making it more convenient to carry out.

5. The book has been used for a long time, what should I do if the edges are wrinkled?

Press it with a magnetic bookmark

Magnetic bookmarks can not only be used as bookmarks, book holders, but also to press the corner folds of the book!

6What practical accessories do you recommend for notebooks?

A part of the coil book is equipped with a detachable bookmark ruler - the bookmark ruler, as the name suggests, is not only a soft ruler that can be used for measuring/drawing, but also a practical bookmark that can be hung between any two pages~ If you need to write records outdoors / For simple measurements, having a portable tape measure couldn't be more convenient! The fun color series notebooks also have creative DIY function boards for personalized creation.

The above problems, strips hardcover notebook can help you easily solve.