Understanding The Production Process Of Hardcover NotebookUpdate:04 Mar 2020

Hardcover notebook, it is a kind of hard paper or leather as the cover, so it is not easy to stain, which is conducive to long-term storage.

For the choice of leather materials for hardcover notebooks, there will be choices of pu material, paper, leather, etc. In general, the materials for notebook production are mainly made of pu material, which takes a long time and is much cheaper; on the contrary If you use leather, then the price will be more expensive.



After customizing the hardcover notebook, you can choose the material for the notebook production of the cover, and then you can choose the production process of the notebook for the cover. In this regard, there will be some choices, such as gold stamping, silver stamping, embossing, and laser effects. At present, the commonly used process is embossing. The effect of the main embossing will be more beautiful and will be more high-level. Compared with bronzing and silvering, it is relatively low-key. Many customers who borrow books will also choose Embossing process to create the logo effect of the cover.



Selection of inner pages for hardcover notebooks

There are also some sophisticated choices for custom-made paper for hardcover notebooks. Coated paper, double offset paper, off-white dorian paper, and off-white dorian paper are all common, and different papers have different effects. As for coated paper, it is mainly used on advertising paper on the inner page and inserted into writing paper, which looks very nice. Shuangjiao paper and Daolin paper are not the same. Both are writing paper. Shuangjiao paper has a higher price, Daolin paper is widely used, and beige Daolin paper can protect vision.




What to put in hardcover notebook production

In the process of making hardcover notebooks, you can make headers and footers for the company's profile, product, etc. At the same time, the inner page can also be designed, such as personal information, international long-distance area code, these are general columns, can be added as a template, customers have other needs or can be printed according to their needs, in general, the inner page and The pages are printed on coated paper, mainly 128G and 256G. If you need more high-end, you can change to other art papers, using single-color printing, two-color printing or four-color printing, of course, customers can also choose spot color printing. Relatively speaking, single-color and two-color printing are used more frequently. For the other two types of printing, few companies will choose.




Hardcover notebook production size

The size of this notebook material is also standardized, and there are several distributions, mainly based on the number of copies, such as 16 (210x297), 32 (A5 = 148x210), 48 (A6 = 105x148), etc. , And notebooks generally use 16 open, or 32 open, open also has units, calculated for k, can be summarized as 16k, 32k, 48k and so on.


Hardcover notebook production process

1. Clearly understand the requirements of the enterprise and get the initial quotation.

2. After knowing the price, the price is suitable. Take the actual samples to provide door-to-door service, or express delivery to the customer for detailed confirmation.

3. After determining the sample, price, etc., you can sign a sales contract, and the customer can pay 50% in advance.

4. According to the customer's needs, the company produces an equal proportion of computer design drawings for customers' reference.

5. After the design draft is confirmed, the company will proof according to the customer's requirements (if the customer does not need proofing, the product will be produced directly with the design draft effect).

6. Confirm the proof samples to customers and meet their quality requirements.

7. Then the notebook manufacturer will enter the process of mass production.

8. After that, it will be delivered to the customer according to the contract signing time.

9. In general, the most basic of custom notebooks is from 500 books, but the company will also have some spot, which can target customers with a small amount, the company can provide customers with spot.



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