What Are The Characteristics of Coated Paper?Update:09 Dec 2020

Coated paper is also called printing coated paper. A layer of white paint is applied to the surface of the base paper, which is processed by super calendering. It is divided into single-sided and double-sided, and the paper surface is divided into two types: glossy surface and cloth pattern. The paper has a smooth surface, high whiteness, and good ink absorption and ink retention.

Mainly used for printing the covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals, color pictures, various exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging, trademarks, etc.

The coated paper is flat paper, the size is 787×1092mm, 880×1230mm, and the basis weight is 70~250g/square meter. Coated paper is divided into single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, matte coated paper, and cloth coated coated paper. According to the quality, it is divided into A, B, C. The main raw materials of coated paper are coated base paper and paint. The requirements for the copperplate base paper are uniform thickness, low flexibility, high strength and good water resistance.

The paper surface is not allowed to have spots, wrinkles, holes and other paper defects. The coating used for coating is composed of high-quality white pigments, adhesives (such as polyvinyl alcohol, casein, etc.) and auxiliary additives. This kind of paint with high fluidity and high solid content is applied to the base paper thinly and evenly by the coater, then dried, rolled into a roll on the reel, and then sent to the super calender for pressing Finishing, final cutting, paper selection and packing.

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