What Are The Charms of Notebook Customization?Update:23 Jun 2021

Many companies now buy notebooks, or customized notebooks are more and more common! Because of what? Of course, many of us usually receive a few copies from relatives and friends before holidays. The notebooks here, are these notebooks purchased or customized?

In fact, all enterprises and institutions buy spot goods or customize them. When we carefully observe these notebooks, we will find that the notebooks we receive are usually printed with the name of a certain company, contact address, and even more information. I remember that some of our customers joked that we can receive dozens of notebooks every year. It has become a perfect display club for notebooks. These notebooks are customized from various units, including banks, factories, newspapers, and supermarkets. , Insurance companies, various units..."

An account manager told us that every holiday or the end of the year, their company is busy giving notebooks to related units and customers. This is a necessary part of their company's work until the end of the year. Send a notebook with the company name printed on it to our partners and customers, so that they can think of us when they use the notebook in the future. Although the courtesy is light, it means that the sentiment is important. The important thing is that it does serve a good advertisement. effect.

Regarding the phenomenon of companies sending notebooks to customers during the Chinese New Year, the analysis believes that from the perspective of advertising communication, sending notebooks during the New Year holidays is a good opportunity to use the Chinese festivals to subtly integrate corporate advertising communication into family relationships, In friendship. Notebooks can also be used as advertising, which is of great commercial value. The objects given the notebooks will not only notice the corporate advertising information on the notebooks when they look at the notebooks every day, but can achieve a good advertising effect.

Some people have been given a notebook from a certain company every year in the past, but suddenly they did not receive a notebook from the company again this year, and they will feel a sense of loss psychologically. This is the charm of the so-called customization of corporate advertising notebooks.

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