What Are The Paper Materials of The Hardcover Notebook Cover?Update:23 Sep 2022

Notebook cover design will directly affect consumers' first impression of notebooks. A good notebook cover not only needs to have a well-designed appearance, but also needs to be printed with suitable materials. Then, what printing materials are used for notebook covers? What materials are there? Below Huifeng will give you a detailed explanation.

What paper materials are suitable for printing notebook covers?

Kraft paper

The characteristics of this paper are that it can be used for a long time and is sturdy. Compared with other printing paper printing, the printing cost is relatively low, which is suitable for mass consumers. However, in order to avoid the dark background of the cover of notebooks using kraft paper, Huifeng Factory is printing When designing, a design with strong color contrast is used.

Coated paper

Compared with kraft paper, the printing paper is firmer, and the paper also has good adaptability. The whiteness and its transparency are relatively higher, and the designer can carry out the notebook according to the corporate philosophy. Design and matching, in addition, if a layer of matt film is coated on the surface of the coated paper printing paper, it can not only prevent moisture, but also make the appearance more beautiful and delicate.

The technicians of Huifeng's hardcover notebook factory told everyone that white board paper, as a high-grade printing paper, not only has a uniform color and luster, but is generally used for high-end notebooks. Notebooks printed with different paper materials will also give people a different feeling. Notebook cover design In addition to the above printing papers, there are other printing papers for printing notebook covers. For more information, please continue to follow us.