What Are The Uses of Different Grams of Coated Paper?Update:26 Nov 2021

Coated paper is the most common paper material in the printing industry and has a wide range of applications. What is coated paper? Coated paper is a high-quality printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. The paper has a smooth surface and high whiteness. After printing, it can usually obtain exquisite and clear patterns and text.

The weight of coated paper refers to the weight of paper per square meter. Common weights of coated paper are: 70, 80, 100, 105, 115, 120, 128, 150, 157, 180, 200, 210, 240, 250 ( g/m2), of which: 105, 115, 128, 157 (g/m2) imported paper specifications. What are the uses of coated paper of different grammes in packaging and printing?

1. The purpose of 105g and 128g coated paper: This is the minimum weight of the coated paper that can withstand four-color printing. Because the paper is too thin, the occlusion of the printed matter is not strong, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of forward and backward printing. It is mostly used in magazine pages, inserts and large quantities of low-grade promotional materials.

2. Purpose of 157g coated paper: 157g is the most widely selected weight of coated paper in ordinary single-page printing. Most of the single-page advertisements and folding pages are mostly 157g coated paper. It is mostly used in single pages, folding pages, album pages, posters, etc.

3. The use of 200g and 250g coated paper: Compared with 157g coated paper, the price of 200g and 250g coated paper is higher, and most of them are the first choice for large companies and customers who pursue quality. It is mostly used in high-quality single pages, posters, album covers, packaging boxes, handbags, etc.

4. Uses of 300g and 350g coated paper: These two gram-weight coated papers have relatively few applications, because their quality and scope are the same as that of cardboard, so they are not very widely used. It is mostly used for album covers, inner pages, cards, business cards, invitations, packaging boxes, handbags, etc.

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