What Can You Do With Moleskine Style Notebook?Update:16 Sep 2020

Moleskine is a legendary notebook among European artists and intellectuals in the 20th century.

What the Moleskine brand symbolizes is a long-standing family of notebooks, diaries and city guides. It is a flexible and simple excellent communication tool, suitable for daily or special occasions, and gradually integrated into an important part of the user's unique personality.

And every Moleskine has an elastic buckle that can tightly tie the notebook. It is also equipped with small bags made of cardboard and oily cloth. It is convenient for you to place cards, theater tickets, note papers or paper clips, etc.

What can you do with moleskine?

1. Record your new ideas, thoughts and thoughts;

2. Draw a beautiful Mind Maps;

3. Draw a picture full of creativity;

4. Timely record the extraordinary life experienced today;

5. Make a list of your own tasks and what you want to do in the future;

6. Write down your thoughts on books, movies, and music;

7. A diary with a long history and noble style;

8. Make up a beautiful score.

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