What is The Difference Between Coated Paper and White Cardboard?Update:07 Sep 2021

Coated paper is coated with a layer of white paint on the surface of the base paper, and then coated paper is processed by super calendering, which is also called printing coated paper. White cardboard made of thick, firm, pure and high-quality wood pulp, which is calendered or embossed is called white cardboard.

But there are also differences between these two types of paper. Let Huangyan Huifeng introduce it to you.

1. The storage time is different: In the process of printing and production, the coated paper is made by using the base paper as the basic material, coating a layer of white paint on its surface and then processing it. The storage time is generally limited. Due to the limitation of the raw materials used, the coated paper will fall off and stick as long as it is contaminated with moisture. However, when making white cardboard, imported wood pulp is used as raw material, so the pattern printed on the white cardboard is not easy to be interfered by external factors after use, and the storage time is longer than that of coated paper. .

2. The hardness is different from the main application areas: because the coated paper uses base paper as the main production material, it is relatively soft, even if it is processed and treated later, the degree of softness will not change significantly. At that time, the coated paper was mainly used to print the covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals, colour pictures, various exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging, trademarks, etc. But the main material for making white cardboard is wood pulp. The hardness of this kind of paper is originally higher than that of the base paper. In the later stage, it is processed to further enhance the hardness. White cardboard is mainly used for printing business cards, certificates, invitations, and Covers, monthly desk calendars, postal postcards, etc. The above is the introduction of the main differences between coated paper and white cardboard.

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