Why Choose Huifeng for White Kraft Paper?Update:07 Jan 2022

White kraft paper is a kind of high-grade environmentally friendly packaging paper emerging in recent years. It is widely used in the production of industrial product packaging, food packaging, medical packaging, postal seals, archive bags, high-grade handbags, white sandpaper base paper, etc. Our professional technical team has undergone many process improvements, technical tackling problems, and multi-party communication with customers. The performance of white kraft paper has been continuously improved and the quality has been continuously improved.

In order to meet the different product requirements of customers, the company has six series of white kraft paper, special white kraft paper, coated (single-gloss) white kraft paper, FSC white kraft paper, and special paper for handbags. White kraft paper of five major colors, with a basis weight range of 70-300 grams, has formed a full range of white kraft paper products.

Huifeng's white kraft paper all uses commercial bleached wood pulp, a unique technological formula, and the production process is strictly controlled. The production technicians carefully make each piece of paper. Our white kraft paper has stable hue, stable thickness, good uniformity and high strength. White kraft paper has high bursting resistance, good stiffness, bulkiness, and distinct printing layers; coated white kraft paper has a fine, smooth surface, high printing gloss, colorful and eye-catching, stable quality, complete varieties and specifications, fast delivery, and after-sales service Good, praised by users.

1. The self-produced and self-sold marketing model has quick and convenient delivery, and can solve customers' questions and problems about white kraft paper.

2. I have been making white kraft paper for many years. I have a thorough understanding of this paper. The quality control is strict and stable, which is suitable for long-term cooperation.

3. It can be customized according to customer's special requirements (hue, weight, special roll).

4. There are different quality white kraft paper for the different needs of different customers, and the prices are different.

If you need to order wholesale kraft paper hardcover notebook, please feel free to contact us.