Why Do We Still Need Paper Notebooks in The Digital Age?Update:12 Oct 2021

Why do you need to avoid digital interference?

Avoiding digital interference is to solve the various interrupted situations that are prone to occur when using digital work, especially the digital work situation in action, which is usually the most common situation for notes.

Unless you are a person who types very fast and is very accustomed to using digital tools, otherwise the following interruptions will be more frequent and serious, and even make the work unable to concentrate.

Forget how to operate this function.

The operation is too complicated to take up one's own thoughts.

All kinds of irrelevant notifications pop up.

Downtime, delay, and error caused by various performances, networks, and BUGs.

Obviously, I just want to write down the changes that a boss told me in the meeting room that he wants to make the poster design. If I want to take out my phone, call up the App, open the original poster image, open the image annotation App, and then switch the interface. , Arouse the function to "remember" this matter.

But such a troublesome recording process may make me miss the content of the next meeting, or make the boss wait for the embarrassing me, so it is better to draw a sketch on the paper notes and write notes.

In the current digital age, we still don’t forget the hardcover notebooks in paper. As the saying goes, a good memory is not as good as a bad pen.