Why Do You Want To Publish A Hardcover Book?Update:03 Mar 2021

Books also pay attention to packaging, and there are two types of packaging: softcover and hardcover. The books on the market are mainly simple-backed editions, which are related to the nature of the book-the emphasis is on dissemination of content, and the main purpose of readers buying books is also for content. So why are there hardcover notebook? This starts with the printing and binding of the hardcover edition.

The printing process of hardcover books and paperback books is the same, but usually hardcover books use better paper, such as heavier paper (larger paper) or higher-grade paper (coated paper). In addition, the printing factory will pay more attention to color difference and overprinting during the hardcover book printing process, so the rendering effect will be better.

The main difference between a hardcover book and a paperback book is the binding. Softcover books usually use the glue binding process, that is, glue for binding is used to glue the printed sheets of the inner pages of the book together. The cover of the paperback book is usually ordinary coated paper, so the bound paperback book can be bent. Hardcover books usually use a thread-locking process, which means that the inner pages are locked together with thread, and then glued, so that the bound book is relatively strong and does not easily drop pages. The cover of a hardcover book is generally cardboard, and the cardboard is pasted with finely printed coated paper to form a book cover. Hardcover books cannot be bent, and they look high-grade, thicker and more exquisite.

Because of the above differences, the cost of hardcover books is higher, so the price is also higher. Using popular words, the simple and hardcover editions of the same book are equivalent to the Diaosi and Gaofushuai editions.

In modern society, design is no longer the business of professional designers. In our daily work and life, we are exposed to various document writing, such as emails and PPT. The book is to use such simple examples to illustrate the basic principles of design, suitable for all non-professionals, but also suitable as an introductory book for professional designers.

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