Why is Moleskine Style Notebook Expensive?Update:11 Nov 2022

Why is Moleskine style notebook expensive? Where is it expensive? Let’s discuss it together today.

Moleskine sells brands, not books.

Its own publicity line is to promote the authentic, profound and long-standing brand of the brand (as can be seen from its official website and manual). Therefore, if you want to give people the image of being tall, extravagant, and high-end, the price should be high.

Brand promotion is basically to talk about Van Gogh, and then to talk about Hemingway. Once you use this book, it is the same as the one used by Van Gogh back then. Well, the sense of history will rise instantly! As a petty bourgeoisie to the middle class, a book of more than 200 RMB is expensive, but as long as you are determined to have feelings, it is absolutely affordable.

Therefore, although Moleskine is expensive, the pricing is very accurate, and it is not intended for high school students.

Moleskine was founded in 1996. Moleskine is a kind of notebook 200 years ago. For Van Gogh, who could not eat and depend on his brothers to help him, and Hemingway, who could not afford a book card, there is no petty bourgeoisie to buy Hermes in the notebook. Bought it to use it because it's cheap! Cheap! Cheap! They just bought a rough little book of bandages for the least amount of money.

It's like a poor student who just arrived in the city, using the bursary and the hard-earned money of his parents, to go to the Guanyuan wholesale market to approve the cheapest draft book when preparing for the exam. So if I want to share with Van Gogh and feel the petty bourgeoisie, in fact, go to a reliable notebook supplier and buy a cheap bandage book, because that's what he did back then.