Why Use A Moleskine Style NotebookUpdate:01 Apr 2020

Moleskine style notebook design and quality make it truly stand out.

They are really simple. Binding and elastically sealed small notebook with ribbon bookmarks on the spine. They have multiple page types available: grid, blank, ruler, etc. Also available in various sizes, from X-large to pocket sizes. My personal favorite is 5.4'x 8.4´size.

Here are some reasons and uses for notebook enthusiasts using Moleskine-style notebooks:

Mole skin is extremely durable. Once I drove down the roof, it actually survived. If you want to buy field records in the UK, you can do it easily.

2. Keep everything together
Even at work, I like a diary rather than more than one notebook. I think the benefits of having all your notes in one place outweigh the need to use two or three notebooks. The key is simplicity

3. Variety
There is a Moleskine to meet everyone's purpose and needs. From pocket to big. Form a paperback hardcover. Have a Moleskine for you. Over the years, I have tried various types.

4. Notes
Moleskine notebooks are perfect for taking notes. This is the ideal size. Because the paper is thick, it does not bleed. It is also very unremarkable, making it ideal for conference environments. In group settings, taking notes on a computer or PDA is still prominent.

5. Brainstorming
In addition to taking notes, I like to do a full two-page expansion on a Moleskine notebook when brainstorming a new project. It only provides perfect drawing, writing and layout space for other ideas related to the project.

6. Diary
Diaries are another reason people love Moleskines. I do this sometimes, but my diary is usually done on a computer at home.

7. Eliminates loose paper
I refuse the temptation to write things down in multiple places. Whether it's a quick note or a voicemail, all this goes into my Moleskine notebook. Gone are the days of finding confetti or post-it notes. What were the numbers from that VM two weeks ago? No longer a problem, just flip through my Moleskine. Each Moleskine has a small pocket on the bottom cover, which is perfect for packing receipts or business cards before processing them.

One place to capture everything
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